Perfect Wedding Gifts

The wedding season is upon us, and as the summer gets hotter, the chances are you will have one or two weddings to attend, and whilst you eagerly anticipate the big day, you will have to start considering what gifts you are going to buy for the newlyweds. We have come up with some great traditional presents which never fail to impress the new bride and groom.

Jewellery – There’s a wide variety of jewellery you can buy the bride and groom which include silver charm bracelets and earrings. Of course, you should make sure you don’t buy them a ring, as the day will be all about the wedding ring and you could either out do the groom (which he won’t like) or your present could look inferior. There are some great designer jewellery alternatives on the market, such as Lovelinks designer bracelets which are great because the bride can personalise it to her own taste.
Champagne – Nothing starts a celebration better than a bottle of bubbly, and there’s no better (or happier) time to celebrate than when you are attending a wedding. Make sure that you share a glass with the bride and groom and grab some snaps which they will be able to keep and cherish forever. Another great thing about champagne is that if the happy couple do not want to open it there and then, they can always have it at a later date, such as on their honeymoon or their one year wedding anniversary. 
Photo Frame – This can be a very cheap and effective present for those who are struggling for ideas, or who may not have the big bucks to spend on such a day. If you buy a frame that is wedding related, then after the wedding the happy couple can look through all their pictures and can then decide to frame their favourite picture. This could be kept anywhere throughout the house, and can be passed down through to different generations of their family. 
Home Appliances and goods – A traditionally great present to get a young couple are household appliances which will help them in their new life together. This can be anything they have asked for or anything you feel they may need as they embark on married life together. Look at things such as wine or champagne glasses, which would look nice with an evening dinner. You could also look into toasters, microwaves or anything that will make life a little bit easier for them.

If you feel they already have everything, then look for things that will enhance the aesthetics of their home. This includes plants, mirrors or furniture which you think would suit their home, you could also look into garden furniture you know they want or feel they deserve. There are so many things every household needs, so you’ll be sure to find something for the happy couple.

We hope this has provided you with some great traditional ways to congratulate the newlyweds on their special day. Obviously, if you know there is a present they want or would appreciate, then go for it.

Wedding Insurance and Bouncy Castles

If you always wanted to get hitched in a grand Scottish castle but couldn’t quite afford it, a bouncy castle could be the next best thing. Bouncy castles are an affordable way to spice up your wedding reception. If the idea of having one appeals to you, be sure to discuss the idea with your venue, as you’ll need a clear level grass space where you can inflate it.

Providing this sort of activity can keep children of all ages entertained so it is especially beneficial if you have a lot of younger guests. If you’re now grumpily pondering that kids get to have all the fun, think again. Many bouncy castle hire companies supply castles that are suitable for both children and adults.

Bouncing is the ultimate icebreaker; it reminds everyone of their childhood and it can melt the cynicism of even the most formal uncle. As bouncy castles break down barriers, it’s a great way to get people talking and interacting at your reception.

However, before you start looking at hire companies, spare a thought for the great British weather. The fear of rain puts a lot of people off the idea of having a bouncy castle. Even during the sunniest months of June, July and August, most of England has at least 10 days of rain per month.[1]

If you’re getting married outside of the summer months, or if you don’t have faith in the British weather (and who could blame you), a bouncy castle is not necessarily out of the question. Most models can be inflated indoors, so long as your venue has the necessary space and health and safety requirements.

Bouncy castles do raise a lot of health and safety issues and it is important to ensure that all the necessary safety measures are in place.

Make sure you have someone available to keep an eye on the castle, keeping the number of jumpers down and making sure everyone is behaving themselves!

It’s unlikely that your wedding insurance policy will include cover for a bouncy castle so you may have to find insurance elsewhere. Once that is settled, everyone can literally jump for joy on your big day!

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Best birthday and wedding gifts

Presents are special, no matter what the occasion is or who the giver is. But it is said that a present reflects the kind of love the giver holds for the receiver hence if you are the giver, you should choose your gift correctly depending on who you are getting the gift for as well as the occasion. If you give a couple honeymoon cruise ticket to a one year old as one of her 1st birthday presents, you are sure to be the laughing stock of the party and similarly, if you give a toy building set as on of the bride and groom gifts on the occasion of the wedding of a friend, people are sure to think negatively about your sanity. Hence you see, just buying anything and giving it as a present is sheer stupidity if you are not careful in considering the occasion as well as the receiver.

If you have a 1st birthday of a child to attend to but do not know what kinds of gifts would be suitable, here are some ideas for 1st birthday presents:

1st birthday photo frames: These make very nice and affordable presents. These specially made 1st birthday photo frames come in different shapes, sizes and colors that are attractive to babies and baby pictures look good in them too. You can choose a blue one if it is for a baby boy and a pink one if it is for a baby girl. No matter to who you give it, it will surely be one of the most special 1st birthday presents of the child.


Toys: there is not a single child on earth who does not like toys. Get a nice, big doll if it is a baby girl’s birthday and cars or building blocks if it is a baby boy’s birthday. There are some toys that teach while playing too and giving such toys will only make you one of the best 1st birthday presents giver.

For wedding of a friend, it is again a head ache to decide on the bride and groom gifts.

Here are a few ideas to help you:

Couple photo frame: a couple photo frame made from sterling silver carrying the picture of the couple will make one of the best bride and groom gifts you can ever give. Get the names of the bride and groom engraved if you can and a unique gift is ready.


Cruise tickets: this is one gift any couple will surely love. It will of course be a bit costly, but you will be remembered forever as one of the best bride and groom gifts giver ever.

No matter what the occasion and who the receivers are, adding a small special touch of your own never goes amiss. The special touch can be anything, from a short poem to an orchid flower. Just something that helps you to leave a special signature mark of your own on the receiver.