Wheat Field Project

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  Touched by the children living in the rural areas with the desire of reading books, an ordinary volunteer from Shenzhen launched Wheat Field Project with the aim at giving an opportunity for the children to change their fate and a platform to show their love. Lately the students from Class 23, Junior Two have taken part in the public benefit activity.

  The League branch of Class 23 has made a great deal of publicity in our school. Meanwhile they have organized some students to collect donations at Spring Squre and Quancheng Road. After three weeks, they have raised more than 800 yuan RMB, more than 500 books, over 9300 pencils and other stationery, bags, sporting goods and so on.

  On the morning of March 12th, the volunteers accepted the donations and awarded the certificate for their kindness , loopbacking red ropes as appreciation. The goods and letters carrying the caring for the children in the rural and mountainous areas are shipped to Liaocheng City. As there are more than 500 books, the volunteers plan to set up a library in a school  to let more children obtain more knowledge and fly their dreams in the coming future.


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